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Rimowa SalsaRimowa SalsaSalsa. An Excellent Range. Rimowa Salsa impresses with its lightweight design, scores points with its strength, and wins in tests: Salsa has a lot to offer. The elegant polycarbonate luggage is extremely light while simultaneously extremely stable and virtually indestructible in its quality. In tests by the German TUV, the Salsa regularly places among the winners and has already been distinguished as "the lightest and best" multiple times. The high-tech material has fantastic advantages. Polycarbonate is so flexible that it even easily withstands high pressure. Even if the body is pressed inward, it will return to its original form as soon as the pressure eases.
Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Salsa Deluxe. Welcome to the luxury class! Manufactured from high-quality polycarbonate, this luxurious collection combines a brilliant appearance with high durability and top functionality. From the practical Business Trolley though to the large-volume Multiwheel, each case is equipped with the most state-of-the-art technology and intelligent details. The packing case offers a specially constructed flex-divider-system optimally protecting sensitive clothing while keeping everything in order. The dual-chamber system in the three new extra-large Multiwheel cases is particularly spacious. The interior includes a garment bag with an integrated shirt pocket. No matter how much weight is packed into the luggage, the patented Multiwheel system allows it to be moved around with complete ease. An additional bag can be hung on the add a bag holder. Rimowa Salsa Deluxe is a luxury-class of luggage providing the highest level of convenience.
Rimowa Salsa AirRimowa Salsa AirSalsa Air. The Lightest Salsa Ever. Rimowa Salsa Air luggage pieces are the ideal travel companion for everyone who loves to keep it light and still wants the best. Salsa Air barely adds any weight to the luggage scale but plays out its great strengths to the best effect. There is almost no way to dent the cases, hard bumps are easily withstood and leave little to no traces on the shimmering polycarbonate. The beautiful luggage, no matter how heavily loaded, easily rolls and can be turned and rotated totally effortlessly using the Multiwheel system. The integrated mono-telescopic handle makes the case very easy to pull. Salsa Air also makes use of the most state-of-the-art technology. The flush combination locks with an ABUS TSA cylinder keep everything under lock. Salsa Air is innovative in its interior as well. The lining is light and robust like parachute silk. In addition, stable luggage nets are integrated into both sides of the case. This practical system securely holds the luggage contents keeping them accessible and separate within both halves of the case.
Rimowa LimboRimowa LimboLimbo. Elegant appearance, strong character. Flush in the frame: shimmering silver locks and ergonomic handles. Brilliant aluminum corners covers tops off the elegant appearance. The Limbo Collection offers a built-in lever action combination lock, making is optimally secure even during security checks because it can be opened and locked again using the master key available to security personnel. The Multiwheel system provides mobility and precise movements. It comfortably moves even extra-heavy and large pieces of luggage in all directions - and around its own axis - on two or four 2.6" pivoting wheels. The add-a-bag holder is a small detail with great effect. This allows a bag to fastened directly to the case and be transported with great ease. The height-adjustable flex-divider-system with two separate dividers, one in bottom and one in top, can be adjusted to fit any amount of contents placed inside. The Limbo Collection by Rimowa is the ideal combination of a lightweight case body made of polycarbonate and a strong profile frame made of aluminum-magnesium alloy.
Rimowa TopasRimowa TopasTopas. Well-traveled and world-experienced. Topas is the classic case from Rimowa. The sturdy casing made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, originally developed for tropical travel, remains virtually unaffected by turbulence and strain. It is also remarkably guarded against temperature fluctuations and dependably protects the contents from high humidity. The Multiwheel system with its 2.6" smooth-running wheels allow heavy luggage to glide smoothly and effortlessly over any floor. The extendable handle provides optimum maneuverability. The add-a-bag holder integrated into the case carries additional luggage so the traveler does not have to. A handbag or a briefcase can be easily attached as well. Combination locks according to TSA standards ensure a smooth journey. The height-adjustable flex-divider-system provides for organization in the interior. Contents will not slip out of place, even if the case is packed only half full.
About RimowaAbout RimowaRimowa set new standards in terms of lightweight luggage in the year 2000. It was triggered by a visionary far-reaching decision to use new technology in luggage production. Rimowa was the first manufacturer in the luggage industry to make use of polycarbonate as a material and presented an absolute innovation to the world: the extra lightweight Business and Travel collections made of polycarbonate. Within ten years, the lightweight polycarbonate collections by Rimowa changed and conquered the world, further enforcing lighter and easier, while never sacrificing quality. Polycarbonate luggage by Rimowa fascinates with its sensational characteristics. It is ultra lightweight, extremely durable, nearly shatter-proof, and able to withstand tremendous pressure. The intelligent material can hold its form and will return to its original shape after being deformed. The world was waiting for this revolution in materials. Today the exclusive polycarbonate luggage lines from Rimowa are international bestsellers. Rimowa, once again, has redefined lightweight travel.

Hardsided luggage is a major trend now, and Rimowa luggage is some of the best hardsided luggage available. Built from 100% virgin polycarbonate, Rimowa travel cases are designed to deliver strength, while being lightweight. From the bestselling Rimowa Pilot, a favorite of veteran globetrotters, to superlight Rimowa Salas Air, the choices are excellent and the prices are reasonable.