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About Zero Halliburton

Since the 1930s, Zero Halliburton has specialized in stylish aluminum cases with a classic design using compound curves, horizontal lines and simple arcs. These design elements, combined with the use of premium materials, make up the Zero Halliburton "Brand DNA”—the essence that inspires the brand's unique look and appeal.  

The aluminum travel and business case story begins in 1938 when Earle P. Halliburton, a globetrotting businessman, commissioned a team of aircraft engineers to design an aluminum case that could endure his constant and rough travel. These aluminum cases became renowned as Halliburton cases.  In 1946, independent of any relationship with Halliburton, a metal fabrication company called Zierold Company changed its name to Zero Corporation.  In 1952, Mr. Halliburton sold his travel case division to the recently created Zero Corporation, officially ending any Halliburton Company's involvement in the making of aluminum cases. The new division was renamed Zero Halliburton. Today, ZERO Halliburton® is a brand synonymous with exquisite strength and bold refinement. Sold in nearly every country in the world, the appeal of this American icon is truly global. Quite a distance from the Texas oil fields that gave the aluminum travel case life.